Reflections from Month Eight

This is the month I learned I wanted to do Computer Animation more than Game Art. I learned I require much more practice. Fortunately, I have amazing teachers and great friends to lend a hand.

This project is a posing project where we had to choose poses and pose them. I needed to have more contrapposto, which is not a dish served at an Italian restaurant. It is more define lively poses. I worked on a better line of action in each of my poses.

The next two videos are my final submissions for the month. The first is my initial attempt and the latter is after peer review. Their notes steered me in the right direction.


My second class was Art History.

We had an intriguing an art scavenger hunt at The Orlando Art Museum. They some interesting art, such as a Chihuly. There were lacking in the Van Gogh’s.


I got to curate a collection on Google Art&Culture. My favorites are linked below.

Winter Spring Summer Fall

This collection gives a story of seasons of life in mid-19th century Edo. They are woodblock print; ink and color on paper that show a variety perspective of their city lives. They stand out for their forms and emphasis on line and the realistic colors. Much depict that nature is large and we are small. I am fond of the scenes surrounding the samurai’s and the views from the bridge. The bridge is there today, but now it is metal.

I have officially switched to Computer Animation!!

Our Dungeons and Dragons group continues our journeys every Sunday!

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