Reflections Month 14

Project and Portfolio IV: Computer Animation

The Project and Portfolio IV: Computer Animation course combined hands-on learning experiences with summative and formative portfolio assessments. This course uses progress monitoring to evaluate discipline topics by reinforcing production deadlines and constraints. The course encouraged me to use higher-order thinking to create quality assets. This course emphasizes modeling based on compiled reference material for use in my portfolio.

This month in the project of my Demo Reel, I was able to use these techniques, almost all successfully. I was able to perform all tasks relating to the compositing process such as layering of elements, tracking, matte extraction, rotoscoping and color correction. I used 3D tracking to get the point map on my main footage. I used 2D cornerpin tracking to help stabilize the images I layered in. I used a matte extraction to get rid of the skies in all of my assets and replace them. I used color correction on all my assets to the main footage.

I definitely had to troubleshoot all the way through this project. Having only had the basic compositing class, I had an uphill battle with the Demo Reel.

This month was challenging, and I am very novice; however, I went from knowing nothing to teaching myself how the nodes interact and works. This is the first time at Full Sail that my challenges and missteps were not frustrating. It was fun to problem solve the issues. I guess it was a little disappointing that I went to tutoring and there were zero Composting tutors, and no one had any idea of what I was doing or to solve the problem.

My Demo Reel presently shows that I have attempted layering of elements, tracking, matte extraction, rotoscoping and color correction. It shows that with only a little Composting training that the time I have put in, I am determined to become a competent and hireable Compositor.

Career Module IV: Career Strategy and Planning

In this class, I planned and prepared my short-term and long-term career goals. Through the advanced structured learning activities, I built build upon my individualized career research to create a career-strategy map that identifies opportunities and establishes goals and then create a strategy for achieving those goals. I also created two tools that will help me navigate my career path: a targeted employer list and a job tracker.

 Dylan Smith

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