Mastery Journal Month Nine

Quality Assurance

The focus this month was Quality assurance and its integral component of the game design process, as the successful delivery of a game is dependent on an effective QA system that covers both the verification and validation of the product. This month involved, requirements generation, test plan planning and development, defect tracking, and user experience and play test assessments.  I was able to classify, and track bugs in real-world game development projects.

My first project of the month was to deep dive into any system in Unreal and present it in a presentation. I choose the VFX and Particle Effects system in Unreal and presented the transparency card system that makes up special effects foliage in video games. Fire, explosion, magic, bushes, leaves and trees are all made with card systems.  It was very interesting learning VFX inside a game engine instead of Maya. Maya does not have a restriction of parts in VFX.

I have been promoted to Art Lead at Zygobot Studios. Zygobot Studios is also the studio producing my game. This month I acquired seven people on my team for “Roll for Initiative.”

The presentation below is the month end up date if my game.

We are in full production of my game and it is technically playable. This experience has been beyond amazing. I cannot wait for you to play it!

Till Next Month,

Dylan Smith

One thought on “Mastery Journal Month Nine

  1. Dylan – this is amazing.
    What you are doing is way over my head – it sure looks like magic to me.
    I’m sure is very intense to keep up with your schedule and goals.
    Can’t wait ’til your ‘Month 10’ report.


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