About Me

I am Dylan Smith and the Nerd in charge at NerdzGarage.

We strive to present a positive and diverse forum in sharing podcasts, game reviews, Cosplay and everything Nerdy.
We hope to make multiple entertaining videos and series that continue for a long time.

We are currently in production of our first Video Game!!

Over the past four years of Sundays, The Nerdz Garage has been filled with the Homebrew D&D Campaign Intelligence Checked and many One-Shots. New characters to The Garage are Adam, Dungeon Master, and up for playing any game (mostly co-op) and Ken, our authority on comics and dice tray builder.

Along the way were game conventions,friendships with publishers and being asked to share our thoughts on games, our D&D campaigns, and our Nerd Adventures.

Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Dylan Smith

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