Intention Statement

To understand why I decided to start a master’s degree in the game design industry, you need to know my story.

I was fortunate to grow up around creativity. A story that is told repeatedly is that I was around six months old when I crawled into the scene at rehearsals for the City of Angels to then be scooped up by the director. Theatre, music, and art were everywhere until I was in my teens. I learned acting, lighting, and my favorite was playing bass in the orchestra pit. When I was immersed in this craft and surrounded by people I have known forever, I don’t notice that I was different. 

It was middle school when I could recognize that I did learn differently, and Anxiety, which had been a quiet friend, was now thundering. I had to step back from theatre and focus my energy on school than to learn how to navigate life. I do not think to be Autistic or having Anxiety is negative, it is what makes me who I am. One of my tools to clear my head is to watch or listen to a podcast. That started as a way to laugh and breathe evolved into the realization of what I was going to do forever. This revelation happened the summer before high school. This podcast was a Machinima of Halo characters played to a smart, original script. I loved the idea of taking a game and writing your own storyline. I have consistently had stories in my head that I have had to tell. When I was a kid, I would hold court telling my classmates what I had created that day till they were tired of listening, but I knew when I got home, my best audience would listen till I was done. I taught myself how to build Machinima’s and wrote scripts and scripts. My favorite podcast had a new animated series called RWBY, and I wholeheartedly connected to it. This is it! This is what I am meant to do. I am going to create my own worlds and characters. The creator of RWBY, Monty Oum, said: “just start and keep moving forward.” So, I do. 

 This is when I first heard about Full Sail University at a convention for the company I strive to work for. Not knowing much about it, I filed it away in my brain. The kismet happens I a few months later when an advocate from Full Sail comes to speak at my Television Production class. I declare to my family that I would be going to Full Sail  

I have now completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Animation, and I will Keep Moving Forward towards my goal to graduate with Game Design Master’s Degree. The next twelve months in my Mastery Journal, I hope to strengthen my leadership skills, I will improve both technical skills and confidence and continue to work on my animated short series. In this journal, I will illustrate my work and reflections for the next 12 months. Also, it will serve as a way to keep track of the goals I’ve set for myself during this program.

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