Mastery Journal Reflections Month Two

Research and team dynamics facilitates team member self-awareness by engaging in teambuilding that helps people understand themselves and others as they work together.

Our group project was to make a game. We chose to me make a first-person shooter tower defense game. We were being very ambitious. My role in the group was producer. This role was not by choice, but by default of no one wanting this position, I stepped up. Producer is my goal to achieve during this program, though it was early to try this position, I did want to start the road of learning the skills of producer. My job in the group as leader was to keep teammates on task and be available to assist them when they need it. The system that we used for the game was unfamiliar to almost all the team, therefore most of my time was delegating to filling in the gaps that was needed in hopes to keep the project on track. It was challenging for me to keep the team on track with the deadlines.

My Experiences

During the month as my role as producer, I faced many challenges. The first week I had to familiarize myself with the basics of Level Design and the interface of Unity. Knowing this I was able to guide the level designer and writer inside of Unity so when they came across technical issues, we were able to fix swiftly and then move forward. During this week I used information from chapter six, communication, Communication Skills for Team Meetings. Levi (2018) to get communication between the coders and the level designers to a point where they could communicate the issues, they to each other, about the Unity interface issues.

 The end if the second week we hit a roadblock due to the lack of assets. I pivoted to Unity Hub to find free assets that our level designer could use. I was unable to find assets needy within a reasonable price range. I then asked a fellow Full Sail student, whose has assisted master’s students in similar situations. He made modular units that the level designer was able to use to make pre alpha layout to then give to the coders to work on AI and mechanics in Unity.

Our third week I tried alleviating some of the stress from our tech lead by learning how to set up walkable floors in Unity. Those five hours of coding lessons were enjoyable and eye opening, however that would be the last time I would be team leader because my decisions threw our team into turmoil.

The team disgruntlement paralyzed any further development in the game. Our team was fractured beyond repair. Levi (2018) Chapter 8 Power and Social Influence, I had been using the Passive Power style to that point, which is polite and deferential, but then a team member used the Aggressive Style which is, forceful, critical and negative.


Going forward I am going to learn more on how to effectively be a game producer in the industry. My current focus is inner team communication, which was my weakness link this month. I will never forget this month, not because of the negatives, but for what I learned. I have heard that failure is the greatest teacher. I learned a lot from the dynamics of this past month and know I can do much better next time. I understand that taking the leap to leadership this early and learning on the fly was a risk, but it was well worth it, despite what can be considered a less successful outcome.  I will carry these lessons with me on my journey through the master’s Program and continue to learn. Levi, D. (2017). Group dynamics for teams. Los Angeles: SAGE.

Till Next Month! Dylan